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What is HTML Code Guard?

It appears that some people have a mental block that prevents them buying from an affiliate. They prefer to strip the affiliate link and go directly to the main website simply because they dont like you having their hard earned money. Others just dont feel the same certainty and security when buying from an affiliate.

This costs you lots of sales.

Experience and testing have shown that by using this type of software (phpAffilink) your affiliate links will be clicked by two times as many people, thus doubling your profits !

HTML Code Guard is a software program that will protect your page by encrypting the HTML code and cloak your links so that the text you choose will be displayed in the Status Bar. Its simple to use, but its results are far reaching.

This version of HTML Code Guard includes phpAffiLink, a software that will act as a link rotator effectively managing affiliate links. This will make affiliate links actually point to a page hosted within your website.

Why use HTML Code Guard ?

hide affiliate links
hide paypal success links
reduce the risk of having your page copied
handle private data ( hide POSTing location )
scramble your web page to keep important data away from unauthorized eyes.


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